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Fang Cave
Lower Entrance, Fang Cave

The Alberta Speleological Society (ASS) is an organization open to anyone interested in the sporting or scientific aspects of caves and karst formations in the Rocky Mountains, and who is willing to visit them in a safe, environmentally - responsible manner.

We are one of several caving clubs in Canada and have informal connections with many caving organizations in the US. and worldwide. Our present membership of nearly 100 cavers ranges from first-time novices to seasoned veterans with international caving experience. We are the recognized caving authority in the province of Alberta, and our dedication to the exploration, study, and conservation of caves in the Canadian Rockies has helped set standards in Canada for the last fifty years. We are happy to advise governments, agencies and other stakeholders on issues related to cave management, and we actively support the separate Alberta/BC Cave Rescue Service.

The Alberta Speleological Society promotes the conservation of physical and biological features within caves, to preserve them in their natural state and to foster within the general public an appreciation of caves as a valuable natural resource. We have conducted cleanup and restoration work where appropriate and we support the activities and values of the Canadian Cave Conservancy and various bat conservation groups.

If you have come across a possibly - undiscovered cave or have sighted bats within a cave, there are reporting buttons on our "Contacts" page  If you discover and report a previously-unknown cave, you may be eligible for a free one-year Society membership and some cool swag.  If it turns out to be a discovery of some significance, you will also be consulted about the naming of the cave (there are certain conventions which need to be observed), and if you are both interested and sufficiently skilled / physically capable, have an opportunity to accompany our experienced cavers inside for some exploration!