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Cave Rescue

About ABCCRS (Alberta/BC Cave Rescue Service)

As cave rescue resource requirements exceed the capability within the provincial and federal agency staff having authority and responsibility for public safety, ABCCRS  works closely with these agencies in providing these services.


  • 2001 - ACRO (Alberta Cave Rescue Organization) was formed by a group of cavers and search and rescue volunteers to respond to the need for organized cave rescue in the province of Alberta.  
  • 2007 - ACRO partnered with the British Columbia Cave Rescue (BCCR) organization (established 1984) to share knowledge, resources and information in order to provide cave rescue resources to Western Canada.
  • 2010, March 15 - ACRO re-established itself as a non-profit society under The Societies Act within Alberta
  • Recently - ACRO and BCCR established a new name and logo for ABCCRS to reflect their joint membership and partnership. Recognizing that major rescues will involve rescuers in both provinces and with many caves located close to one side of the border or the other.  Though still maintained as seperate organizations in their respective provinces, ABCCRS maintain a common membership.

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