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Bring a Friend Caving

Porcupine Cave
M3 Entrance, Porcupine Cave

The one-day Bring A Friend event has been occurring in late winter or early spring for several years. It is a chance for club members to invite an inexperienced friend or two to try caving in Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore. This cave requires a moderate level of physical fitness, but no prior experience or special knowledge - just a positive attitude, tolerance for getting tired and dirty, and a willingness to try something different. Those with sufficient prior experience in rappelling and abseiling on rope may be permitted to accompany a fully-experienced member to visit the extensive "wild side" of the cave, but there is plenty for beginners to see on the "tour side" as well. Access to the cave is provided to the A.S.S. courtesy of Canmore Caverns, which requires completion of certain waiver documents. In addition, for reasons of safety, cave conservation and liability, it is necessary for guests to purchase an A.S.S.  Membership and complete the associated Code of Conduct and liability waiver. (See Membership.) Hosting members are responsible for ensuring their guests are properly equipped for caving, but equipment may also be rented from the U of C outdoors program, outdoor supply shops, or Canmore Caverns.

You will find some photos of previous Bring A Friend events in our Gallery.