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Cave Guiding

Soda straw, Rat's Nest Cave

Currently there are no legislated cave guiding standards in Alberta. When someone offers you a guided tour, you may end up with an experienced professional or just some local that "will take you to the cave". It is important to ask the proper questions to ensure your guide is qualified, equipped, and experienced enough to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience.

There are a numer of youth groups being "guided" in Alberta by well-meaning but relatively untrained individuals. Cave trips organized through schools, church groups or service organizations must seriously consider whether they are exposing youths to a potentially dangerous activity. If you are a parent, the onus is on you to ensure the individual who has organized your children's outing has properly considered their safety.

The Alberta Speleological Society supports the cave guiding standards prepared by the Canadian Cave Conservancy to help cave guides provide their customers with a safe, enjoyable experience. But until standards are finalized and approved by regulation, anyone considering going on a guided tour through any individual or company, should ask some basic questions about the guide's experience, training for wilderness first aid, how they are insured, and affiliations with recognized caving organizations. Although we do not necessarily endorse any particular cave guide, here are some well - established 'wild cave' guiding organizations in Alberta and BC: