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M1 Entrance, Porcupine Cave

In the spring of 1968 Dave Doze searched for cavers in the Calgary area, starting with a membership list of the National Speleological Society. The resulting eight persons decided to establish a province-wide, provincially registered club with formal bylaws defining its executive and financial structure. Sequential membership numbers were considered, but dropped; this and an open membership laid the basis for a non-elitist club. The Alberta Speleological Society was incorporated under the Societies Act on October 11, 1968, with the following objectives:

"To locate, survey and map caves; to collect and classify data pertaining to the science of speleology, including cave geology, biology, hydrology, ecology and related disciplines. To promote the conservation of all physical and biological features; to prevent the pollution of the cave environment. To foster an appreciation of the value of caves as a natural resource, in those persons controlling the disposition of caves, and the general public. To cooperate with the efforts of individuals whose interests are compatible with the aims of this society."

Over the next fifty years, the Alberta Speleological Society grew into a successful 100+ member organization with an enviable record of original cave exploration and safe, responsible recreational caving. The success of these activities is primarily the result of the hard work of the individual members involved; the Society itself only facilitates these accomplishments by providing equipment, information, and a social and inspirational context that encourages teamwork and success.