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Second Fissure, Castleguard Cave

Members of the Alberta Speleological Society can be found throughout western Canada, but our prinicpal centres or 'chapters' are in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, Crowsnest Pass and Jasper. Future demographics may change this of course. All members are most welcome to take advantage of what we have to offer. Annual membership dues are set by vote under the bylaws, and are currently $25.00 per individual or $31.25 per family.

For detailed information on what the club is all about, please visit our Who We Are page. If you share our values and wish to enjoy the benefits of membership, you can join the Alberta Speleological Society online, through a local chapter by attending a pub meeting (see below), or by printing the membership application form below, filling it out and mailing it together with a cheque to the address indicated on the form.  If you are joining as a member online you must first create an account, then follow the instructions in your new account email to purchase a membership. If you already have an account but not a membership, log in and select Purchase / Renew Membership to join as a member.  Current A.S.S. members can renew their accounts online.  Note that it is a condition of membership for both new and renewing members to fully complete the membership form, which includes Code of Conduct and liability waiver portions.

All members of the Alberta Speleological Society have access to the following:

Pub Night get-togethers: These informal events are the social focal point of the club, where cavers swap advice, information, plans for upcoming trips and generally enjoy each others' company. Check our Events Calendar to see if there's a pub night near you.

Newsletter: The Journal of Subterranean Metaphysics is a periodic publication that focuses on new explorations, items of interest to Rockies cavers, event announcements, and administrative information. We also have publications available from some of the other surrounding caving organizations.

E-mail notifications: Notifications are available for new events, caving news, new publications and forum posts and can be enabled and disabled on the member account page at any time.

Archives: A small selection of caving publications may be borrowed by members, while archival material such as survey notes, back-issues of club newsletters, and The Canadian Caver may be viewed by appointment.

Tackle Sheds: Calgary, Edmonton, Crowsnest Pass and Jasper have equipment stores controlled by a Tacklemaster, for use by members only. Equipment typically includes ropes, rigging hardware and other items (but not personal equipment such as helmets, lights or harnesses).

Special offers: Our fundraising committee periodically produces t-shirts, stickers, mugs etc. for sale to members, featuring our club logo and/or caving graphics. Also available is the Castleguard Cave survey.

Website: This is it! Available to all.

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