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Other Events

Lighthouse Cave Image
Cactus Entrance, Lighthouse Cave (The Bahamas)

The Alberta Speleological Society occasionally organizes or provides support to special activites such as cave restoration or conservation trips (for example, cleaning litter & graffiti, installing or recovering bat detectors). We also provide financial and logistical support to certain expeditions in which advanced cavers conduct cutting-edge expolration and survey work, although participants normally cover their own costs for travel, accommodation, equipment and a share of group expenses.  Occasionally expeditions have been organized to foreign countries, such as the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, the Bahamas and the UK. Members may also attend one of the annual conventions held by the NSS (National Spelogical Society) in the U.S.

These events are generally advertised in our newsletter, by e-mail, and are posted on the events calendar , or are discussed at pub nights.