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Training Sessions

Generally speaking the Alberta Speleological Society does not train cavers. However, we do occasionally hold practice sessions on Single Rope Technique (SRT), which is the means by which cavers negotiate vertical drops in caves.  For a through introduction to caving, consider one of the horizontal or vertical caving (SRT) courses offered periodically by Canmore Caverns.

Typically SRT practices are conducted indoors in a gymnasium, scout hall or other high-ceiling space, or possibly on a cliff face. There is no charge from the Society, although the hall rental (or access fee) is paid for by participants. Members of the Alberta Speleological Society participate or provide their coaching on a volunteer basis and ACCEPT NO LIABILITY for errors or injuries arising therefrom! Upcoming SRT training or practice-only sessions are usually posted in the events calendar.

Cave rescue training is not conducted by the A.S.S. either, although we do list rescue training seminars by other organizations on our events calendar. If you are interested in cave rescue, please contact the Alberta/BC Cave Rescue Service.